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COVER REVEAL for TRINKETS, my new novella!

Announcing Trinkets !!!

This is my newest. It’s a novella of approximately 150 pages available for pre-order on Amazon right now for 99 cents. You can get it here. The general release date is June 2nd. I’ll be increasing the price to $2.99 at that time, so if you want it less expensively, pick it up now. A paperback version will also be available for $8.99, and I enrolled the ebook in KDP, so you can borrow that on Kindle Unlimited if you belong to the KU program.

On the run with a stolen teddy bear and a couple hundred dollars in cash, Alex’s life takes a strange turn when he crashes his car in a freak accident. Stranded in the desert with no water, he is rescued by a crow that leads him to the home of Lars and Lars’ five-year-old niece Holly.

Lars is a man with secrets, and he’d just as soon Alex was on his way, but delays in the repair of Alex’s car compel him to offer Alex a place to stay in exchange for babysitting services. Alex accepts the offer and soon falls head over heels for Holly and the mysterious Crow.

Over the course of several weeks, Alex finds himself embracing a life he’d only dreamed of. A life of warmth and comfort—and a passion that almost makes him forget the past he’s running from. Almost.

As Lars and Alex fall in love, secrets about Lars and Holly, and a dark danger pursuing Alex, threaten to destroy their new family.

Alex was rescued once by the quirky crow he now lives with. Will Crow be able to save the treasure trove of a family he’s collected one more time?

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