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Coming up… An Elvis Presley sighting. And story news!
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I’m wrapping up a full-length novel right now. This is a dystopian, sci-fi (set on a future Earth) with an unusual villain in a mix of villians. Not talking about that quite yet, but I wanted to offer you a little insight into one of the heroes. This guy arose from an unexpected source of inspiration, or rather an aspect of him did, and that was—drum roll, please—Elvis Presley! Right off, I’ll tell you that he doesn’t look anything like Elvis. He doesn’t sound like him either—although he does sing.
The point of inspiration comes from an old interview with Elvis. One of the earliest ones. I tried to find it on YouTube so I could show it to you—I watched a lot of Elvis clips!—but no luck. I couldn’t find it. Anyway, it was a short conversation during which the interviewer said something Elvis didn’t understand. It might have been a word, if I remember correctly. In any case, what struck me was how readily Elvis admitted he didn’t know the word or reference, whatever it was. There was no shame, no discomfort, no attempt to pretend he understood. My character—Ori—is poor, homeless for most of his childhood, and uneducated, but his pride never suffers over that, so I gave him the dignity and honesty I saw in Elvis in that interview. Ori tries to sound out words and is never ashamed if he needs to ask somebody what they mean. He harbors a deep wound inside him that eats away at his sense of self-worth, but he knows his poor vocabulary and low position in what might be the last city on Earth isn’t a real measure of that worth.

To me, Ori’s dignity is a foundation of courage, a courage he’ll need to tap deeply as the story goes on. There is much he has to do, and his ability to do it will come from a belief that we all count no matter what has befallen us in our lives.
And now a quick update on my other stories—
Doll Baby has been out for two months now! If you picked it up and don’t mind leaving a review that would be awesome but don’t feel any pressure. I’m terrible at doing that myself, but the truth is—reviews help sell books. And I do want to sell books so I can keep writing them!

For those of you who haven’t picked Doll Baby up — what are you waiting for!? Click on the cover. 🙂  

I’ve just completed the first draft of a novella. The story is about two damaged men, an irresistible little girl, and a peculiar crow. The overall feel of this work is a departure for me. Dark themes, yes, but also very sweet and warm and uplifting. I hope to have it out very soon.
Also—I’ve been brainstorming/mapping out a new book—another romantic suspense story like Doll Baby. I’m excited about it all already! Tidbits and insider news will be coming out in upcoming newsletters.
So with that, I’m going to say goodbye until next time. Take care and be good to yourselves!

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